Review Criteria

How Do We Define Kid-Friendly Restaurants?

At KidNosh, we believe that truly kid-friendly restaurants offer a combination of great food, great service and the right atmosphere.  From a staff that makes your entire clan feel welcome, to high chairs, a menu that can adjust for younger palates and convenient locations, kid-friendly restaurants are far more plentiful than most people think.

Our restaurant reviews are defined by the spork.  We use these nostalgic and kid-friendly pieces of cutlery to summarize all of the things that parents care about most.
5 Spork Reviews of Kid-Friendly Restaurants

5 Sporks: A top notch, super kid-friendly spot with great food, service and amenities.

4 Spork Reviews of Kid-Friendly Restaurants
   4 Sporks: Pretty darn good, but missing a few key items needed to reach the top.

3 Spork Reviews of Kid-Friendly Restaurants
      3 Sporks: Middle of the road.  The food is likely good, but the atmosphere, attitude and amenities are lacking.

2 Spork Reviews of Kid-Friendly Restaurants
         2 Sporks: OK for families in a pinch, but if you have other options, take them.

1 Spork Reviews of Kid-Friendly Restaurants
            1 Spork: We recommend finding a more kid-friendly spot.

Parent-Friendly Icons

We know as parents, days of leisurely scrolling through your phone are few and far between. Sometimes you need to quickly find the information you need. Look for our parent-friendly icons to quickly tell you which family-friendly amenities you will find at a restaurant.

Baby_3p Changing tables

Crayon_3p Activities for kids

HiChair_3p High chairs/booster seats

Menu_3p Kid’s Menu

Stroller_36pt Stroller parking

Parking_3pt Parking available

PubTrans_3p T-Accessible

Kid-Friendly Restaurant Tips

Dining Tips for Kid-Friendly Restaurants  Look for red stars, which signify special tips designed to give you the inside scoop and small bits of info to make dinner out with the family a happier place.