Who Is KidNosh?

Sprague Family_croppedSharon Sprague
Co-Founder, Finger Food Forager

Growing up in her family’s restaurant, Sharon is equally at home with wait staff buzzing about and in her home kitchen with kids underfoot. As a mom to two boys (9 and 6), Sharon began taking her kids out to restaurants before they could hold a menu. Before launching KidNosh, Sharon built a long career in advertising and marketing, helping clients ranging from startups to well-known brands tell their story. When she is not juggling clients, school duties, and chores, Sharon can be found blogging about her quest in raising adventurous eaters at umommy.blogspot.com. Sharon’s favorite restaurant amenity: amuse bouche.

Follow her on Twitter at @kid_nosh@umommy

Kelly Paszamant
Co-Founder, Sippy Cup Sommelier

Kelly’s love affair with food and restaurants began while busing tables in high school. As she waitressed through college and beyond, Kelly gained priceless multi-tasking skills, which now come in handy as a mom to her 4yr old daughter and infant son, whose dining out careers each began at just a few days old. Kelly built her career in marketing while working for technology companies large and small in Boston and California. An avid baker and not too shabby of a cook, Kelly is often found replying to emails with one hand while making dinner (or reservations) with the other. Kelly’s favorite restaurant amenity: small plates.

Follow her on Twitter at @kid_nosh@BostonKelly

Heather McGee
Crayon Curator

Heather is right at home designing a menu as much as she is ordering off of one. When she is not designing award-winning children’s books, she can be found honing her graphic design and photography skills, creating everything from logos to birth announcements. Heather’s favorite restaurant amenity: patio dining, with a soft spot for heat lamps in the Spring and Fall.

Megan Burns
KidNosh Contributor and Momnivore

Having grown up in the era of the microwave, Megan’s palate refined later in life. After she married a “cooking geek,” she learned the art of food experimentation and feels more comfortable making it up (and using salt) as she goes along. With a new sense of understanding of the science of cooking, Megan and her husband seek out hole-in-the-wall restaurants that have passionate cooks and delicate food. Megan lives in Arlington with her husband and infant son. She thinks about public policy issues during the day.  Megan’s favorite restaurant amenity:  kitchen-side dining.

Lynn Clark
KidNosh Contributor and Snack Time Sous Chef

Lynn’s favorite children’s book was Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (What? That’s not a children’s book?), so it’s no surprise that she bailed on a career editing economic articles to attend culinary school. She was formerly an editor and test cook at Cook’s Country magazine and an executive chef of the PBS cooking show, Cook’s Country by America’s Test Kitchen. When she is not testing (and re-testing) recipes at home in Boston’s South End, she can be found in a city restaurant with her husband and loud toddler daughter. Lynn’s favorite restaurant amenity: full bar. Bonus points for a perfectly-executed sidecar cocktail.

Phaea Crede
KidNosh Contributor and Harbinger of Hot Dogs

Phaea is a huge fan of eating and not so much of cooking (that’s what her amazing husband is for!), so she’s always grateful to find a new, fabulous, kid-friendly restaurant. When she’s not stealing her toddler’s French fries she is writing comedy articles, essays, and the occasional kid’s TV show episode. She lives in Medford with her two kids and hubby. Phaea’s favorite restaurant amenity: a fish tank.

Elizabeth Dion
KidNosh Contributor and Mommy Mixologist

Elizabeth’s love of food started somewhere between her mother’s eggplant and her Nana’s artichokes and minestrone. She can often be found putting her multitasking skills to work her kitchen north of Boston, whipping up two or three dishes at once while simultaneously scouring the internet to find the next family vacation spot and lamenting the fact that her three kids are growing up way too fast. Elizabeth’s favorite restaurant amenity: tapas.

Carey Gatto
KidNosh Contributor and Play Area Pioneer

Some of Carey’s favorite childhood memories are of being out with her parents at restaurants, trying new foods, and inventing stories with table tents and sugar packets.  Now, as a busy real estate agent, she enjoys treating the family to a night out to celebrate a closing.  With a chef husband, a 4-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter, top-notch food and service are a must!  Therefore, KidNosh is both a valuable resource and a great excuse to try new, kid-friendly places.  Carey’s favorite restaurant amenity: a juke box.

Laura Gitelson
KidNosh Contributor and Cheesy Crusader

A life long adventurous eater, Laura’s first gift from the Tooth Fairy was a coupon for her very own order of Moo Shu Pork. At age 8 she added her two cents to the book Hot Dog Chicago.  Her palate has become more sophisticated over time, but nothing holds a candle to her memories of Peter Lo’s Chinese and Fluky’s dogs. Laura is game to try almost any food, recipe, or restaurant at least once and is happiest when feeding her friends, family, and especially her 11 month old son.  Laura’s favorite restaurant amenity: a chef’s tasting menu (even better with a wine pairing!).

Fiona Haley
KidNosh Contributor and Dessert Diva

Fiona Haley grew up on hot dogs and macaroni but secretly loved escargot. She didn’t cook until she backpacked around the world and became obsessed with recreating the food she ate abroad–she’s conquered doro wat and dreams of mastering dal makhani. She lives outside of Boston with her husband and two kids, where she runs a nonprofit and works as a freelance writer. Fiona’s favorite restaurant amenity: little bowls of olives.

Casey Hassenstein
KidNosh Contributor and Lunch Box Lackey

Casey is a work in progress when it comes to the kitchen.  She hopes her love of Ina Garten, combined with her recent subscription to Cooking Light, will miraculously turn her into the cook she believes is inside of her.  Her German husband is her food hero for he cooks effortlessly, eats anything, and believes in everything in moderation.  When not running the annual fund at a local independent school, you can find her at home in Brookline playing princess with her 4 year old daughter and peek-a-boo with her infant son or working on her blog, www.kitchentablewriter.com.  Casey’s favorite restaurant amenity: Diet Coke (Diet Pepsi is not ok.)

Jessica Jaeger
KidNosh Contributor and Appetizer Aficionado

Jess not only loves to go out, but she loves to go out to eat! During the week she and her husband can be found trying out new recipes at home, oftentimes using ingredients from their CSA. But on weekends they love to take a break from their cooking endeavors to try out new restaurants. Jess blogs about their favorite recipes, family adventures, and more on her lifestyle blog http://styledbyjess.com. She lives outside Boston with her husband and their 2 young children. Jess’ favorite restaurant amenity: al fresco dining

Emily Jarrell
KidNosh Contributor and Cupcake Connoisseur

Emily’s appreciation for fresh food began on her grandparent’s farm in Oregon but really blossomed when she met her Parisian husband.  Then began her love for real butter and a compulsion to put it in everything. When she is not working as an attorney at a non-profit law firm, you can find her baking elaborate cakes with her toddler daughter in Brookline. Emily’s favorite restaurant amenity: prix fixe menus with many dessert options.

Betsy Maxwell
KidNosh Contributor and Short Order Cook

Betsy Maxwell grew up in a home where the answer to “What’s for dinner?” was often the dreaded, “A new recipe.” Eventually all of those new recipes became appreciated and the only thing that excites Betsy more than trying out a new recipe is trying out a new restaurant. When not teaching second graders, Betsy can be found driving carpools and teaching her three children how to cook in their home in the suburbs of Boston. Betsy’s favorite restaurant amenity: An overflowing bread basket with creamy, delicious, high quality butter.

Kate Perry
KidNosh Contributor and Kiddie Table Connoisseur

Kate grew up learning to cook classic Italian food with the help of her grandmother.  As an adult she enjoys cooking a variety of cuisines, and incorporating modern ideas into the classic recipes she learned as a child.  She can often be found at home cooking with her daughter, or trying new restaurants in Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, and beyond.  Kate’s favorite restaurant amenity: a well rounded wine list.

Amy Ricketts
KidNosh Contributor and High Chair Heroine

One of Amy’s earliest memories of food contains floured aprons, bubbling pots and fresh cavatelli being rolled on the counter of her Nana’s Vermont kitchen. Amy thinks cooking and eating are some of life’s greatest pleasures – and she loves to write and obsesses about all aspects of food. Amy spends her daylight hours as a marketing professional, with deep experience in the financial and tech sectors. Amy resides on the South Shore with her husband and very hungry toddler. Amy’s favorite restaurant amenity: a top notch bread basket with seasoned oil on the side.

Kim M. Simone
KidNosh Contributor and Master of Mac & Cheese

Kim’s love affair with the kitchen began when she purchased an all-chocolate cookbook at a school book fair in the 6th grade. She eventually followed that passion to a Master’s Degree in Gastronomy from Boston University, as well as to a career as a wine specialist and educator. She’s passionate about homemade pickles and sourdough, fresh veggies and herbs (either from her garden or the CSA) and getting her two boys (ages 5 and 7) involved in her food adventures. She can’t wait to find some hidden gems for families in MetroWest, and can be found at www.vinitaswineworks.com. Kim’s favorite restaurant amenity: a creative wine and cocktail list.